Dividend Growth Investor

  • This blog has been posting articles since 2008, and it’s one that I regularly read. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of their articles. It has some great insights into dividend growth investing. The focus is on US companies, but there is still great content for Canadians.

Dividend Growth – The Connolly Report -

  • This is one of the first websites I looked at that convinced me that dividend growth investing was the way to go. The author Thomas P Connolly, B.Com runs the Connolly Report, which isn’t currently open to new subscribers. The website is used by subscribers to read the latest and archived reports. There is also a bunch of free information on the website relating to dividend growth investing in Canada that is very useful.
  • If you are a Canadian considering dividend growth investing I highly recommend taking a look at the website. I especially like his explanation of his investing strategy and why he chose this strategy. Here’s an excerpt from his Dividend Growth Strategy page.
    • “When they are at least fairly priced, I purchase certain common stocks with a long record of dividend growth and hold them for years, waiting for the dividend and the yield to grow. I use yield, mainly, to determine value.”
  • If you look at my dividend growth investing strategy and compare it to his, you will notice a lot of similarities and this is no mistake. Tom has been publishing the Connolly Report since 1981 and as a dividend growth investor who has been using this strategy for over 30 years, I respect his opinion.
  • The website makes a strong well researched case for dividend growth investing.

My Own Advisor

  • Mark is a fellow Canadian who blogs about saving, investing, taxes, insurance and all things personal finance.  He’s on his way to financial freedom investing with dividend paying stocks and Exchange Traded Funds, and provides monthly income updates about his progress.  This is a common theme among the blogs I frequent, but Mark does a particularly great job.  Check him out!

Dividend Mantra

  • Dividend Mantra tries to save a large portion of his income and invest it in dividend growth stocks in order to retire by 40. I like this blog because the author is really open about his life as he shares his different sources of income and expenses every month. It’s nice to see his strategy works in real life situations.

Dividend Ninja

  • What can I say, another great dividend blog.

Million Dollar Journey

Retire By 40

  • I started reading this blog before the author “retired”. So it was nice to read about the decision making that went on very close to retirement. His passive income is from his dividend portfolio, rental properties, and peer to peer lending.

Financially Integrated

  • I like reading this blog because it offers some alternatives to the main stream dividend growth ideas. The author likes to invest in a variety of different stocks and comes up with interesting small cap dividend growth candidates.

Investment Talk (Susan Brunner’s blog)

  • A great simple blog that provides succinct Canadian stock analysis’s. When I’m thinking of investing, I’ll often look at her blog to see if she has covered the company before. I like her style of writing because I get a quick clear idea of the company and if its worth investing in.

Passive Income Earner

  • The moto: “Building Wealth Through Dividend Income”. All-in-all a great read.

Canadian Couch Potato

  • If you want to learn about index investing, check this website out. It has a ton of great information. For those that don’t want to spend a lot of time managing a portfolio, the couch potato strategy is a great option.

The Dividend Guy Blog

Boomer & Echo

The Loonie Bin

Dividend Monk

Modest Money

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  • henry

    Great list and I second the Connolly Report! Tom changed my life and my investment strategy. Before reading and following his advice we bought and sold good and bad stocks in hopes of growing the pile (which didn’t happen).

    One of his key points is to “Not To Sell”. Certainly there is reasons to sell and even some of the dividend stars, such as the Insurance stocks, but generally you will be better off if you believe that when you buy a stock (after doing the analysis), you’ll be holding it forever. Continue to monitor but not with the eye to selling.

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  • Maybe you’ll like my website, have a look and let me know! Nice resource section btw.

  • Hello,
    I have recently discover your very interesting blog.
    I have also created my dividend investing blog but for french speaking people :)
    I’m french canadian and I had a hard time finding french blog similar to yours.

    Thanks for your very detailed analysis of CWB.
    I’m also an owner of this very interesting company.

    If you can add my blog to your blogroll I’ll add yours as well :)

    thanks again .

  • Mike

    I do not see BNS.TO in the dividend all-star list. Why?

  • Christian

    Hi there, just discovered FTN.TO today on it’s ex-div day (with it’s 18% yield) and I am wondering what the catch is? Looking at what the fund is made up of, it’s all large canadian bank and insurers with some US ones. Looks safe as heck. Why such the high yield?!!!

  • Hello. Very nice resource here for the dividend hungry mind. I have added you to my blogroll, please check it out below. I’d love it if you might consider doing the same for me. Thanks


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