Portfolio Update – CVS Health Corp. Purchased

CVS Pharmacy

In an effort to be transparent I like to keep my readers up to date on my portfolio changes. By keeping an open book of my portfolio and changes to it, I hope to generate discussion so others can see how I put my investing philosophy into practice. An added bonus is that it makes me a better investor as I have to rationalize my investing decisions to others. This helps take some of the emotion out of my investing. For the most up to date portfolio changes follow my twitter account as I will usually tweet the day I buy or sell stocks and then follow-up with a blog post sometime later.

CVS Health Corp. purchased

On December 21, 2016 I purchased shares of CVS Health Corp [CVS Trend] for $79.41 + commission. At $80 the stock yields 2.5% which was the minimum dividend yield I wanted before investing in this company. I started looking at the company more seriously in November 2016 when it was in the mid to low 70′s. I was interested, but I wanted at least a 2.5% dividend yield. At the time I was

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