Moving Costs & My Spending Philosophy


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It’s been a busy month for me. I’ve been moving into my new place. Moving in can be a stressful and expensive endeavour, but for me it hasn’t been that bad. Before leaving for Australia, my fiancé and I got rid of a lot of stuff by selling or donating it. Now that we have to move back in, we have to buy it all back. The stuff we kept, we had stored in 4 different places (thank you friends and family ). Having stuff in 4 places made moving a bit more of a headache, but the day went fairly smooth. We were able to borrow a pick up truck and thankfully it was a sunny day.

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on things like furniture; I’d rather spend money on experiences. Naturally this makes moving in and buying a bunch of stuff difficult for me. I grew up in a frugal family, and those values were passed on to me. I believe in delaying gratification for a greater reward down the line. In today’s society, consumerism has taken a strong

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Am I frugal or cheap?

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If you asked my girlfriend, she’d probably say that I’m cheap. To be fair we first met in university when I was spending the most money of my life, so she was first introduced to a spending version of myself. It was my first time living on my own, so I spent more money than I anticipated. Since then I’ve reverted back to my roots.

I grew up on a small island with money smart parents. I wouldn’t say they had any special investing skills that they passed on, but what they did teach and instill in me as a child was a good sense of what is needed vs wanted. For instance most of my friends had cable TV and game consoles growing up while I didn’t. We even had a rotary phone up until the end of my high school days. At the time I thought this was unfair, but looking back at it, I’m glad my parents made these types of decisions. It wasn’t that we were poor or anything it was just that they didn’t see it as an important expense. They were

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