Index Investing: The Couch Potato Strategy

Russet potato

To go travelling for a year, Ms DGI&R had to quit her job. I was fortunate enough to be able to take a year leave and come back to the same job. Since we’ve been back Ms. DGI&R has been working a temp job and looking for work. Some more concrete options have emerged recently, but one of the job offers doesn’t offer any type of pension plan. This got me thinking of different options for her. I decided that this can be made up for with a higher salary and diligent savings routine.

I’m a dividend growth investor (DGI), so you would think, we would just pocket the extra money and invest it in dividend growth stocks. My DGI strategy involves buying quality dividend growth stocks at cheap prices. My entry criteria for “cheap” is fairly strict, so I spend a considerable amount of time waiting for prices to drop. When you wait around for a long time you are losing potential higher returns because you are out of the market. This is why I thought adding a couch potato

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