Dividend Income

I invest in dividend growth stocks as a way to earn passive income that will support my early retirement goal. As a way to track my progress I update the dividend income that I earn on a monthly basis. The goal is financial freedom, which to me, means having my dividends cover my expenses. This is a long term goal, so I have a lot of years to go. I find it encouraging to see my dividend income steadily grow over time as it reminds me that I’m on the right track and to stick with it.





To see a more detailed breakdown of the dividend income I earned in each month click on the month you are interested in, or you can check out my dividend income updates.

The dividend income shown above represents the dividends paid to me in that month. I have been invested in dividend paying companies since 2011, but I didn’t start tracking the monthly payments until 2013, which is why you will only see 2013 and on.

To see what’s in my portfolio check out my portfolio page, or if you want to see recent portfolio buys and sells check out the portfolio updates.

4 comments to Dividend Income

  • Johnson

    no updates in 2 months on this monthly dividend page.

    • I’ve been a bit behind lately. I didn’t do one for May because I didn’t receive any dividends in May. I’ll be posting a May and June summary soon.

  • Moe

    Hi, I am new to dividend investing. when you say interests expense what do you mean? Do you loan your investment money?

  • doug

    Some investors borrow money to purchase stocks. The most common ways are by a HELOC ( home equity line of credit ) or buying on margin ( borrowing from their brokerage ).
    I would advise anyone thinking of trying this to first consult with a knowledgeable person about the pros and cons and risks.
    Also get advice so you will understand the income tax aspect. The “Do’s and Don’ts” so to speak.

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